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    Dravce is a village situated on the way from Spišský Štvrtok to Levoča. The first written reference about the village is from the year 1263. The name of the village "Dravce" -means "a place of ravenous birds" and comes from the fact that many royal falcon breeders lived in the region at that time.
    In the village, there was the oldest hospital in the Spiš region (built already in the 13-th century). You can find here also an early gothic church from the 13-th century and a church bell from the year 1516. In the church, there are several wall paintings from the late 13-th and the middle of the 15-th century. A bridge from the 13-th century (build of rubble stone) with only one arch vault is still used by people. Moreover, the bridge is a part of a main road that crosses a hill.
    The local part of the village, Bukovinka, still keeps its original natural appearance. It is suitable for recreational purposes.

    Dravce - Ranogotický kostol z 13. storočia



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