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    The village is situated in the Hornád basin, in the lower part of the Brusník river - northwards from the Slovak Paradise. The first written reference to this village is from the year 1250, where it is mentioned as "Lethon". Some RELICS dated to the period of time called Eneolith and the early Iron Age - Halstadt were found in this area. A big settlement of the Púchov culture was located here, too.
    The village was originally a part of the Spišský hrad (Spiš Castle) possession. In 1259 it was donated by the King Belo IV to the head of the Spiš Monastery and in 1279 by the King Ladislav IV to the village Spišská Kapitula. According to the tradition, the people who hid themselves at Kláštorisko were not conquered by the Tatar tribes (in 1241). Therefore, the head of the monastery, Jakub, donated it to the Cartesians, who built there a monastery in 1305-1307. It was demolished in 1543 by the native Levoča people. Letanovce became a part of Spišská Kapitula.
    The Roman-Catholic church in Letanovce was originally built in the late Romanesque style during the first half of the 13-th century. In the 14-th century it was rebuilt and in the 18-th century modified and gained some Baroque features. It is consecrated to the All Saints. Even a portrait of the "All-Saints" painted by Jozef Hanula (famous regional painter) is placed in the church together with a monstrance and other religion articles from Silaši (the artist in the second half of the 18-th century). The church bell was manufactured in the year 1700.

AVAILABLE SERVICES: Cottages, private accommodation, buffet

ACCESS: By train from Žilina or from Košice, by bus from Poprad and from Spišská Nová Ves through Smižany

SURROUNDINGS: Kláštorná roklina (Monastery Gorge), Kláštorisko and through Prielom Hornádu (Hornád Canyon), Podlesok, Tomášovský výhľad (Tomášovský View) and Čingov

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