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    The village, situated in the Hnilec creek valley, was originally a mining village founded between 1272 and 1290 by people following the allowance of the Mariassy family from Markušovce. In 1315 it was mentioned as Villa Vagendrüssel. In 1358 it became a small landlord's town with its own coat-of-arms (crossed hammer and pliers).
    People of different origin (the Slovaks, Germans, Catholics and Evangelics) lived here together many centuries. They built up the village and together experienced its development and decadence, because profits from ore mining went usually to bigger towns.
    A blast furnace was built here in 1845. Ore was mined here till 1968. Before the World War II., the village was called "Vondrišeľ", now it is called "Nálepkovo".
    In the village, you will find a Roman-Catholic baroque church (built in 1770 - 1781), an Evangelic church from the year 1785 and a former town hall from the late 18-th century (rebuilt in the 20-th century).



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