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    A village situated on an important historical intersection of the trade routes. A Neolithic archaeological field with s.c. Kanelova ceramics is located in its surroundings.
    The first written reference to the village is from the year 1263. Later, in 1412 it became the seat of the Province of the 16 Spiš Towns (those which were not a part of the pledge by the Polish King). The Zápoľský family founded here a monastery of the Minorits´ Religion in 1672. In the village, there is a Gothic church with some Romanesque-style features from the 13-th century. At the same time, there is the most beautiful Gothic chapel in Slovakia - a cultural relic.

AVAILABLE SERVICES: private accommodation, a motel
ACCESS: By bus from Poprad or Spišská Nová Ves
SURROUNDINGS: Hrabušice and Letanovce

    Spišský Štvrtok - Gotický kostol s kaplnkou
    Spišský Štvrtok - Na námestí



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